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Allah U Akbar

The cries of a hundred souls, discorporate through the shoving and the gesticulating, amid the din of crying, bemoaning mourners instantly wrenched down into an abyss of abject misery. Among broken bodies; childrens bodies and adult civilian bodies - here and there a uniform fills a knot of twisted pulped, smashed human flesh. Staggering and stumbling to their haunches the mourners are slowly overpopulated by Red Cresent and Hamas Medical teams (Given Hamas is a Democratically elected Military Government - the only elected Military government in the region, its Medical Teams are no less a Neutral entity than, say, a Soviet Union Medical team recovering wounded in the aftermath of the Battle on a European Battlefield). So, the wailing and crying increases to an imenses cacophany of high pitched yelling “Allah u Akbar”! “Allah u Akbar”! As the wounded regain their senses and their ‘feelings’, as the children regain their senses and realize the horror around them. Then.. WHAM!! BOOOM! The carnage is scattered with callous disregard. The horror freeze-frames,..the centre of this wrything scambling glorming screaming mire of blood and crushed flesh and bone, brains and arms and legs. Begins to shimmer, through the dust cloud that has settled upon this work of Shak Inar. The presence of Evil is palpable, this horrific mess is Hellish. The overwhelming emotive impact of this ghoulish mayhem is nauseating, it is terrible disrespect for a human beings dignity, to blast them to pieces with bombs. If you do this to women and children and civilians of any colour culture or creed, and respond to critiscizm with an attempt to justify this cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder, you are a psychopath! And so, with no regard for your status, Title or position, in any Government - you are guilty of an International Crime of Murder and should be arrested in the first instance upon sight by the Civilian Police Force of any Nation, anywhere at anytime. A Citizens Arrest is lawful where no warrant can be issued with reasonable haste.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Now for a Dose of the Truth

The Israeli Propaganda Machine - Part III

Jack Holland 17.JAN.09

The populuation of Iran is over 70 Million or 1/5th the size of the whole United States.

The population of Israel is 6.4 Million…about the size of only ¾ of New York City.

As of the 2000 census there were 279,062 Iranians living in the U.S. compared to 123,695 Israelis. If anything, the numbers reflect that more Iranians are happier living in their own country than are Israelis.

News flash…there are over 70 Million Iranians that do not hate the United States as the US mainstream media backed by the Israeli lobby would have you believe; they may disagree with our one-sided policies but do not hate us.

Most Iranians do not want to destroy Israel as the Israeli lobby in the United States would have us believe. This is part and parcel of the Israeli propaganda machine's virulent message that is formulated to keep the average American in the dark and in suspicion of Israel's proclaimed enemy...not our enemy...

We have lost our way as a nation when we adopt a foreign policy and somehow pretend that the interests of 6 Million people is more important that 70 Million people.

As an American my friends, we are all immigrants, and as Americans, we all share a country that welcomes one and all. Sure there are those out there that are bigots and somehow believe the first immigrant across the pond should drain the pond upon arrival, but on the whole, we are better than that.

We as a nation must open our eyes and stop blindly supporting Israel. This policy must go. It is time for a change. Let’s hope President Obama has a broader world view than the narrow minded Israeli & non-Israeli racists & biggots that lobby Washington on behalf of Israel.

Jack Holland 01/17/2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jew tells the truth in esoteric editorial

The Calculus of Proportionality: Just Violence in Gaza?


The Israeli offensive into Gaza continues this morning with devastating effects for Palestinians across the Gaza Strip. Say what you will, but the military strategy that has marked Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead,” clearly only hurts Gaza’s civilian population. With much of the water supply and sewage system dependent on electricity, and the impact on hospitals and limited supplies, the damage to civilian infrastructure raises serious medical concerns and unmasks this campaign of collective punishment of the Palestinian people—a predictable and uncreative display of Israeli military might over and against 1.5 million poor Palestinians. These are actions clearly in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory. And with more than a thousand Palestinians killed and the death toll rising, thousands wounded, Gaza’s children severely traumatized, and Gaza’s population without reliable electricity, the obvious disproportionality of the Israeli military response only underscores its unacceptability.

And U.S. complicity has never been more evident. The words of the President and Secretary of State, it can be argued, at the least have directly contributed to this recent campaign through its silent legitimization of this violence. Indeed, the U.S. abstention from the recent UN Security Council call for an immediate ceasefire is interpreted by many as tacit approval, the silent “wink across the room” serving as the needed go-ahead for Israel to continue this offensive.

The power of language—which includes silence—reveals itself in this situation. And all attempts at minimization with the language of “proportionality” are examples of hiding this complicity. With our own occupation in Iraq, with our pouring of billion of U.S. dollars into the Israeli military complex each year, whatever words of “proportionality” or “restraint” that are coming from the U.S at this time are sadly misplaced.

Instead an assertion is made that the response must be proportional to the “threat,” and that dead bodies and burning cities are not indicators of ethical or moral standards. “Threat,” a category unquantifiable and therefore subject to a calculus dictated by those making the assertion.

Let us keep in mind that the people of Gaza have been living as prisoners in what is essentially the world’s largest open-air prison. The Palestinian people have had no control over movement in and out of Gaza, no control over borders (land, sea, or air), no open access to needed services and viable economic opportunity with a poverty rate reaching 80 percent, and have lived constantly under the threat of Israeli military incursions, shelling, and “targeted assassinations” that leave entire Palestinian families murdered in the streets. As the occupying power, Israel has certain obligations under international law in regards to the Palestinian people. Israel has completely shirked this responsibility and left the burden of responding to the needs of one of the most densely populated areas on earth—the great majority of whom being refugees—to the international community, creating a situation that does not provide the opportunity for a prosperous future but only just prevents Gaza from slipping into humanitarian disaster on a daily basis, let alone during times like these.

In this context, the language of proportionality too easily serves the purpose of hiding these realities and obfuscating overarching power dynamics. It is hard not to conclude that its purpose is to paint this situation as balanced, without a clear power differential, and with the U.S. as neutral, an “honest broker” for peace.

“Proportionality” seems to reveal a critical weakness of the “just war” tradition as it is or is not applied in situations of conflict or the response of the international community to those situations. According to this ethical tradition, war is “just” and “justified” if it meets certain criteria, among them the criterion of proportionality.

In reflecting on the justice of resorting to the use of violent force in the first place, jus ad bellum, the criterion of proportionality is met by concluding that the overall destruction expected from the use of force will be outweighed by the good to be achieved. Concerning the justice of conduct within war itself, jus in bello, proportionality means that the force used must be proportional to the wrong endured, the ends sought, and to the possible good that may come. The more disproportional the number of “collateral” civilian deaths, for example, the more suspect will be the sincerity of a belligerent nation’s claim to justness of a war it initiated, which is why weapons of mass destruction are usually seen as being out of proportion to legitimate military ends.

Now there are several other criteria and considerations when engaging this tradition, but proportionality is an essential piece that, in contexts of severe power imbalance, must be examined seriously, beyond the rhetoric of political means and ends, which only cheapens whatever ethical resources we have to appeal to in the first place. But then again, who among the powers is engaging in ethical reflection right now, besides those who seek to appropriate ethical language as a legitimizing tool (i.e. “proportional to the threat”)?

Yet, the manner in which the language of “proportionality” is employed often carries with it the assumptions of “neutrality” and a “distanced objectivity.” Words that at least in this context, and perhaps it can be argued in most contexts, are at best inadequate and inappropriate but most often downright disingenuous and dangerous. The continued employment of such language seems to reveal the weakness and inadequacy of this “just” tradition as it is typically exploited.

In a land of walls, checkpoints, land confiscation, and colonization—where Israeli military incursion occur on a daily basis, terrorizing an entire society, where Palestinians are randomly dragged away to add to the over 10,000 Palestinian men, women, and children sitting in Israeli jails, and where every response to Israeli aggression is labeled “terrorist” by those who control and employ such ahistorical and decontextualized language and calculate “proportionality” according to their own interests, the language of “proportionality” immediately dehumanizes, denying the value of human life. It too often becomes the language of violence and oppression.

At a time when so many are seeking to live in a world that is defined with a deeper, richer definition of peace, we should at least seek to be consistent with the moral and ethical formation of our language and our own actions.

Timothy Seidel works as Director for Peace and Justice Ministries with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) U.S. He worked as a Peace Development Worker with MCC in the Occupied Palestinian Territories from 2004-2007.

Israelis are Propagandized about Gaza by Zionist controlled Media!

Israel's Media Management is Not Just Impressive, It's Terrifying

How to Sell "Ethical" Warfare


One of my students was arrested yesterday and spent the night in a prison cell. R's offence was protesting the Israeli assault on Gaza. He joins over 700 other Israelis who have been detained since the beginning of Israel's ruthless war on Gaza: an estimated 230 of whom are still behind bars. Within the Israeli context, this strategy of quelling protest and stifling resistance is unprecedented, and it is quite disturbing that the international media has failed to comment on it.

Simultaneously, the Israeli media has been towing the government line to such a degree that no criticism of the war has been voiced on any of the three local television stations. Indeed, the situation has become so absurd that reporters and anchors are currently less critical of the war than the military spokespeople. In the absence of any critical analysis, it is not so surprising that 78% of Israelis, or about 98% of all Jewish Israelis, support the war.

But eliding critical voices is not the only way that public support has been secured. Support has also been manufactured through ostensibly logical argumentation. One of the ways the media, military and government have been convincing Israelis to rally behind the assault is by claiming that Israel is carrying out a moral military campaign against Hamas. The logic, as Eyal Weizman has cogently observed in his groundbreaking book Hollow Land, is one of restraint.

The Israeli media continuously emphasises Israel's restraint by underscoring the gap between what the military forces could do to the Palestinians and what they actually do. Here are a few examples of the refrains Israelis hear daily while listening to the news:

• Israel could bomb houses from the air without warning, but it has military personnel contact – by phone no less – the residents 10 minutes in advance of an attack to alert them that their house is about to be destroyed. The military, so the subtext goes, could demolish houses without such forewarnings, but it does not do so because it values human life.

• Israel deploys teaser bombs – ones that do not actually ruin houses – a few minutes before it fires lethal missiles; again, to show that it could kill more Palestinians but chooses not to do so.

• Israel knows that Hamas leaders are hiding in al-Shifa hospital. The intimation is that it does not raze the medical centre to the ground even though it has the capacity to do so.

• Due to the humanitarian crisis the Israeli military stops its attacks for a few hours each day and allows humanitarian convoys to enter the Gaza Strip. Again, the unspoken claim is that it could have barred these convoys from entering.

The message Israel conveys through these refrains has two different meanings depending on the target audience.

To the Palestinians, the message is one that carries a clear threat: Israel's restraint could end and there is always the possibility of further escalation. Regardless of how lethal Israel's military attacks are now, the idea is to intimidate the Palestinian population by underscoring that the violence can always become more deadly and brutal. This guarantees that violence, both when it is and when it is not deployed, remains an ever-looming threat.

The message to the Israelis is a moral one. The subtext is that the Israeli military could indiscriminately unleash its vast arsenal of violence, but chooses not to, because its forces, unlike Hamas, respect human life.

This latter claim appears to have considerable resonance among Israelis, and, yet, it is based on a moral fallacy. The fact that one could be more brutal but chooses to use restraint does not in any way entail that one is moral. The fact that the Israeli military could have razed the entire Gaza Strip, but instead destroyed only 15% of the buildings does not make its actions moral. The fact that the Israeli military could have killed thousands of Palestinian children during this campaign, and, due to restraint, killed "only" 300, does not make Operation Cast Lead ethical.

Ultimately, the moral claims the Israeli government uses to support its actions during this war are empty. They actually reveal Israel's unwillingness to confront the original source of the current violence, which is not Hamas, but rather the occupation of the Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem. My student, R, and the other Israeli protesters seem to have understood this truism; in order to stop them from voicing it, Israel has stomped on their civil liberties by arresting them.

Neve Gordon is chair of the department of politics and government at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and author of Israel’s Occupation (University of California Press, 2008).

Tell me this is justified, Fucking Filthy Jews: Murderers and Child Molesters!!

Killed by Israel, Eaten by Dogs
Ola Attallah, IOL Correspondent

Jan 15, 2009GAZA CITY - "Oh, God! I have never seen such a terrible scene," cried Kayed Abu Aukal.The emergency doctor could not believe himself seeing the remains of what was days back Shahd, a full-fleshed 4-year-old Palestinian girl.She died when an Israeli shell was fired at the backyard of her home in the Jabalya refugee camp northern Gaza strip, where she was playing.When her parents attempted to rush to the rescue of their kid, who fell to the ground amid a pool of her blood, rains of Israeli bullets kept them a distance.For the next five days Shahd's which was left lying in the open left for dogs to tear out."The dogs did leave one single part of the poor baby's body intact," said a tearful Abu Aukal."We have seen heart-breaking scenes over the past 18 days. We picked up children whose bodies were torn or burnt, but nothing like this."For five days Shahd's brother, Matar, and cousin, Mohamed, tried in vain to reach her body. They were fired at by the Israeli occupation forces every time.Seeing the body of the little angel torn to piece by the assaulting dogs, the two made one final attempt, and it was their last.They were showered by Israeli bullets before they could reach Shahd's body, joining a long list of more than 920 Palestinians killed by Israel since December 27.DeliberateOmran Zayda, a young neighbor, said the Israelis knew very well what they were doing."They chased her family and prevented them from reaching to her body, knowing that the dogs would eat it," he said."They are not just killing our children, they are intentionally doing so in the most heinous and inhuman ways."Zayda said words, and even cameras, can not describe the horrific scene."You can never imagine what the dogs have done to her innocent body," he said, fighting back his tears.Many Palestinians insist Shahd was not the first or only such case.In Jabalya, when Abd Rabu's family was trying to bury three of its dead, the Israeli forces started firing at them, witnesses said.They then released their dogs at the bodies, deserted by mourners who sought shelter from the Israeli gunfire, they added."What happened was awful and unthinkable," Saad Abd Rabu, the deceased uncle, told IOL."Our sons died before our eyes and we were even prevented from burying them," he cried."The Israelis just released their dogs at their bodies, as even they have not done enough."

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More Bad News for People sucked-in by Israel

Israeli Propaganda Exposed - Part II.

UK Bank with Ties to Israel supports Iranian and Sudanese Terrorist Activities.

Jack Holland 11.JAN.09
Powerful UK Bank Lloyds TSB with ties to Israel caught laundering money for US designated Terrorist States including Iran and Sudan…

Apparently, hoodwinking the general public is also a parlor game that goes on across the pond in the UK as well as here in the US. In 2007 Lloyds TSB, the UK’s self-acclaimed “Most Trusted Bank in the UK” under the leadership of Sir Victor Blank claimed: “We have maintained strong business momentum through the year to deliver another good set of results with underlying profit before tax up 6 per cent in 2007 to £3,919 million.”

On Saturday, January 10th, 2009 according to CNN, Lloyds TSB has agreed to fork over $350 Million US Dollars for harboring the money of known US Designated Terrorist States.
LONDON, England (CNN) – “British bank Lloyds TSB has agreed to forfeit $350 million dollars to U.S. and New York authorities for criminally hiding information about prohibited dealings with Iranian and Sudanese customers…

"For more than 12 years Lloyd's facilitated the anonymous movement of hundreds of millions of dollars from U.S.-sanctioned nations through our financial system," said Acting Assistant Attorney General Matthew Friedrich.

"Lloyds stripped identifying information from international wire transfers that would have raised a red flag at U.S. financial institutions and caused such payments to be scrutinized," he said.

Although the money must be forfeited, under terms of the deal Lloyds will not presently be prosecuted because it accepted responsibility and has vowed to abide by the U.S. laws. After two years the U.S. will forego prosecution and formally drop the criminal charge.”

Folks…this story becomes a bit more intriguing than that after one stops and kicks the tires a time or two…

Not only was Lloyds TSB a recipient of British bailout money back in October as noted in the same article…

“In October, the British government agreed a deal with Lloyds TSB, HBOS and Royal Bank of Scotland to make a multi-billion investment in the three to help them through what Prime Minister Gordon Brown described as the "first financial crisis of the global age."”

…which does not wash with their 2007 stellar profit report...but their Chairman has some interesting connections... As we began digging into this institution a little deeper we discovered that its leader Sir Victor Blank is a governor of Tel-Aviv University, and a member of quite a number of prestigious clubs and societies, including being on the advisory board of Advisory Board of the United Jewish Israel Appeal.
The United Jewish Israel Appeal is an organization currently under the unbrella of United Jewish Communities or UJC.

According to wikipedia:

“While the UJC/federation system advocates for Israel to the U.S. federal government and is a major player in advocating before the United States Congress and the executive branch, for the domestic policy priorities of the American Jewish community, it remains a nonpartisan/bipartisan organization unaligned with any particular political party in the United States or abroad.”

This leads us to the looming question:

Why would a bank being run by a staunch State of Israel supporter be doing business with Israel’s proclaimed mortal enemy Iran? It is known fact that Israel believes that Iran intends to blow Israel off the face of the map.

Our conclusion is simple, and based in good ole Tennessee common sense:

When it comes to money, World Bankers don’t give a damn whether it comes from terrorists or friends…and this folks is what we as citizens of the United States need to really be worried about.

The US government would put you and I in jail for a 10 year stretch if we were caught facilitating wire transfers into this country from known Terrorist States, so why is the International Banking community with ties to Israel being given a fine and a slap on the wrist?

I would venture to say that it has something to do with the definition up above of the United Jewish Communities agenda which includes lobbying the United States Congress and the President.

Once again, I will state it firmly, the United States needs to stop its blind support of Israel and stop listening to its US based lobbying machine before we are dragged into World War III. Enough is enough!

We do not have to support Israel or its policies in order to treat Jews respectfully. Jews are not a race of people. They are a group of like minded people with the common bond of Judaism as their religion, whereby one is considered a Jew if born to a Jewish mother. The United States should not be supporting any states born out of religious affinity or affiliation. In fact, this is one of the reasons that we have a separation of church and state written into our constitution here in the United States...and it damn well applies in this situation.

Americans need to educate themselves on the facts about this issue. Most Americans however are ignorant of the facts or afraid of being branded an anti-Semite, a term reserved for those that hate Jews. You do not have to be an anti-Semite to hold the belief that the US support of Israel is not in our best interest. Why should the interests of 5.6 Million Israelis be in the best interest of the United States of America…just because the Israeli Jewish lobby says it should be so? We should instead be working on our relations with 1.4 Billion Chinese.

Our government’s mandate to the Israeli government should be straightforward:

You either immediately negotiate a permanent homeland with and for the Palestinians or we drop all financial support of your government. It is that simple.

It is time for the United States Government to quit pussy-footing around and playing at so-called diplomacy with Israel.

It is also time for Israel to stand on its own two hind legs. Sending them $2.9 Billion dollars per year to spend on weapons while allowing the Ninth Ward of New Orleans to rot out of existence should be a crime. It is time for Americans to take care of Americans, and I believe American Jews of all people should understand this.

Jack Holland 01/11/2009
- The Dissassociated Laredo Free Press

Read it and weep, supporters of Israel.

Jack Holland 11.JAN.09

Israeli Propaganda Exposed:

What most Americans do not know about Hamas, the so-called terrorist group that the Israelis are attempting to bomb back to the Biblical days of the Torah…

Hamas was given the green light to start operations by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Hamas was founded as a counter balancing force against Yasser Arafat’s Fatah Movement back in 1987. In other words, the Israelis were attempting to undermind Arafat's operations by creating and backing a new force against him...similar to how the United States once backed Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Ladin when it politically expedient to do has been said many times; one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, what?

From an article that appeared in the French daily L'Humanité on 12/14/2001, subsequently translated to English by Global Outlook in 220, and published by Global Research in March of 2004: “Thanks to the Mossad, Israel’s “Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks”, the Hamas was allowed to reinforce its presence in the occupied territories.

Meanwhile, Arafat’s Fatah Movement for National Liberation as well as the Palestinian Left were subjected to the most brutal form of repression and intimidation

Let us not forget that it was Israel, which in fact created Hamas. According to Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Israel thought that it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)”.

Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of the Islamist movement in Palestine, returning from Cairo in the seventies, established an Islamic charity association. Prime Minister Golda Meir, saw this as an opportunity to counterbalance the rise of Arafat’s Fatah movement.”

The United States think tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that forms much of the hawkish US Foreign policy has a misleading document on their website regarding the foundation of Hamas. The Israeli connection is not mentioned. The CFR as an organization claims to “promote understanding of foreign policy and America’s role in world”…according to their website:

“President’s Welcome
Welcome to, the website of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). It is designed to be an online resource for everyone in these turbulent times who wants to learn more about the complex international issues challenging policymakers and citizens alike.
Thinking about and discussing pressing foreign-policy issues is a long-established tradition at CFR, a nonpartisan and independent membership organization. As you can learn by reading our mission statement, CFR has promoted understanding of foreign policy and America’s role in the world since its founding in 1921. It does this in a variety of ways: by convening meetings at which government officials, global leaders, and CFR members debate major foreign-policy issues; by operating a think tank that is home to the world’s most prominent scholars of international affairs; by sponsoring Task Forces and commissioning books and reports; and by publishing Foreign Affairs, the leading journal of global politics.”

Much has been written on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Recently they have come to the attention of many Americans as they have been exposed for being complicit with policy planning related to the formation of a North American Union, the Amero (proposed North American Union Currency) and support of a One World Government that many believe is being promoted under the disguise of the United Nations.

To gain a broader understanding as to why many are becoming suspect of the CFR, one might wish to read the following document:

No matter what view of the CFR you take, they are obviously biased towards Israel as their internal documentation on Hamas states only that Hamas was founded as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt:

“Hamas grew out of the Muslim Brotherhood, a religious and political organization founded in Egypt with branches throughout the Arab world. Beginning in the late 1960s, Hamas's founder and spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, preached and did charitable work in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, both of which were occupied by Israel following the 1967 Six-Day War. In 1973, Yassin established al-Mujamma' al-Islami (the Islamic Center) to coordinate the Muslim Brotherhood's political activities in Gaza. Yassin founded Hamas as the Muslim Brotherhood's local political arm in December 1987, following the eruption of the first intifada, a Palestinian uprising against Israeli control of the West Bank and Gaza. Hamas published its official charter in 1988, moving decidedly away from the Muslim Brotherhood's ethos of nonviolence.”

This is simply not the whole truth. What is missing is the fact that Israeli ex-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently had a hand in the creation of Hamas:

Olmert, Netanyahu clash over Hamas and Golan Heights
By Sheera Claire Frenkel, Feb 13, 2007

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu blamed each other on Monday for the rise of Hamas, highlighting the growing tensions in the Knesset over how Israel should regard the new Palestinian unity government…

..According to Olmert, he would attend the meeting to explore possibilities for a "diplomatic horizon." An argument then broke out between the prime minister and Netanyahu when the opposition leader accused Olmert of giving in to Abbas.

To that, Olmert replied, "Netanyahu has gone back to being the same old Netanyahu," and accused him of directly contributing to strengthening the Hamas movement by releasing the movement's founder, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, during his term as prime minister.

"Netanyahu established Hamas, gave it life, freed Sheikh Yassin and gave him the opportunity to blossom," he said, adding that the current political situation in the Palestinian Authority came about "because of the nonsense that was done while Netanyahu was prime minister."

Many of our readers may remember Benjamin Netanyahu back during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991. He was a general at the time and would come on TV every evening to give updates as to how the Israeli people were holding up to the Iraqi’s firing of Scud Missiles towards their West Bank settlements. He also gave gas mask demonstrations and put out other propaganda that kept US Citizens glued to their TV sets each night.

He became Prime Minister of Israel in 1996. He was the 9th Prime Minister of Israel and the only Israeli born Prime Minister that Israel had ever fielded up until that time. He is also a founding member of the Likud party, a party originally began life under the name of the Herut. Herut was originally founded by an Israeli Terrorist organization known as the Irgun. The Likud Party stands firmly against the Palestinians right to self-determination and statehood.

Netanyahu is also a firm believer in ensuring that Iran gets no nuclear weapons. He claims Iran is another Germany and compares the government to that of Hitler’s.

It is interesting that he was involved in the founding of Hamas. What is more interesting is that he also upholds the acts of former Israeli Zionist terrorists known as the Irgun that operated in Palestine between the years of 1931 and 1948 until the British mandate gave the Israeli’s their own state…which is part and parcel of the continuing conflict going on in Israel today. The Israeli Terrorist group Irgun (an offshoot of Haganaw, an Israeli paramilitary) unit bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946 and killed 91 people and wounded 46.

Historically, this story has lots of twists to it and makes for some interesting reading, much of which has to do with the attempts by Palestinian Jews to accuse British Chief Secretary John Shaw of having knowledge and warnings that a bomb would be going off in the hotel, and that he did not in turn warn anyone. This turned out to be propaganda put out by the Israeli Terrorists. To read more on this historical event, click on the following link:

Netanyahu promoted the Anniversary of the Zionist Terrorist Act by attending a 2006 celebration commemorating the bombing. The celebration enraged British Citizens. This of course is news that you would not have seen on US News Media outlets due to our own government’s predisposed bias towards Israel and the fact that the Israelis have their hooks in American news organizations and certain US Politicians:

British anger at terror celebration

The commemoration of Israeli bombings that killing 92 people has caused offence

By Ned Parker and Stephen Farrell, July 20, 2006, The London Times

“The rightwingers, including Binyamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister, are commemorating the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, the headquarters of British rule, that killed 92 people and helped to drive the British from Palestine.

They have erected a plaque outside the restored building, and are holding a two-day seminar with speeches and a tour of the hotel by one of the Jewish resistance fighters involved in the attack.

Simon McDonald, the British Ambassador in Tel Aviv, and John Jenkins, the Consul-General in Jerusalem, have written to the municipality, stating: “We do not think that it is right for an act of terrorism, which led to the loss of many lives, to be commemorated.”

In particular they demanded the removal of the plaque that pays tribute to the Irgun, the Jewish resistance branch headed by Menachem Begin, the future Prime Minister, which carried out the attack on July 22, 1946.
The plaque presents as fact the Irgun’s claim that people died because the British ignored warning calls. “For reasons known only to the British, the hotel was not evacuated,” it states.

Mr McDonald and Dr Jenkins denied that the British had been warned, adding that even if they had “this does not absolve those who planted the bomb from responsibility for the deaths”. On Monday city officials agreed to remove the language deemed offensive from the blue sign hanging on the hotel’s gates, though that had not been done shortly before it was unveiled last night.

The controversy over the plaque and the two-day celebration of the bombing, sponsored by Irgun veterans and the right-wing Menachem Begin Heritage Centre, goes to the heart of the debate over the use of political violence in the Middle East. Yesterday Mr Netanyahu argued in a speech celebrating the attack that the Irgun were governed by morals, unlike fighters from groups such as Hamas.

“It’s very important to make the distinction between terror groups and freedom fighters, and between terror action and legitimate military action,” he said. “Imagine that Hamas or Hezbollah would call the military headquarters in Tel Aviv and say, ‘We have placed a bomb and we are asking you to evacuate the area’.”

But the view of the attack was very different in 1946 when The Times branded the Irgun “terrorists in disguise”. Decades later, Irgun veterans are unrepentant. Sarah Agassi, 80, remembers spying in the King David Hotel.

She and a fellow agent posed as a couple. They danced tangos and waltzes, sipped whisky and wine while they cased out the hotel.

On the day her brother and his fellow fighters posed as Arabs delivering milk and brought seven milk churns, each containing 50kg of explosives, into the building. Ms Agassi waited across the street until her brother rushed out. She said that she then made the warning call to the British command in the hotel.

Sitting in the luxurious hotel lobby, she expressed no regret. “We fought for our independence. We thought it was the right way . . . If I had to fight for Israel, I swear even now I would do anything.”

Click here to read full article:

Folks, this is what you need to understand about the Israelis. There are factions within Israel that have a long history steeped in violence, terrorism, and propaganda. They are masters of creating propaganda for the American consumer. Notice that it was OK for the Zionist Jews to bomb the Brits in the name of independence, but it is not OK today for the Palestinians under Hamas to bomb the Israelis in the name of independence. The sooner the Palestinians have their own legitimate homeland just as the Jews have in Israel, the sooner the so-called Mid East Crisis can end.

Even President George Bush believes the Palestinians deserve a homeland:

Wake up America…you are being brainwashed by the Israeli Propaganda machine!
Jack Holland 01/12/2009 - The Dissassociated Laredo Free Press

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Evil Gaza Murderers Slaughter UN Aid Workers!

UN drivers killed during three-hour Gaza 'ceasefire'
Two United Nations contractors were killed by an Israeli tank shell today during an official suspension of hostilities designed to allow relief operations in the besieged Gaza Strip.

By Damien McElroy In Jerusalem
Last Updated: 4:59PM GMT 08 Jan 2009

Humanitarian shipments into Gaza were halted immediately after two forklift drivers died when the convoy of aid was targeted.
It came as Israel was subjected to unusually harsh criticism by two leading international agencies for orchestrating a level of violence in Gaza that has forced the collapse of essential services.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said civilians were dying because access to conflict zones was impossible during offensive operations.
Both bodies accused Israel of violations of international law.
The ICRC produced a graphic account of starving children stranded for days by the corpses of their parents at one bombed building in the Zeitoun refugee camp.
It said officials from its local partner, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, had tried to gain access to the area since it was shelled on Saturday. Soldiers in sniper positions overlooked the houses, which were isolated by a dirt berm.
Pierre Wettach, the ICRC regional director said, it was impossible for Israel to be unaware of the condition of the children when they were found during the lunchtime pause in fighting.
The organisation issued a protest letter saying: "The ICRC believes that in this instance the Israeli military failed to meet its obligation under international humanitarian law to care for and evacuate the wounded. It considers the delay in allowing rescue services access unacceptable.
"They were too weak to stand up on their own. One man was also found alive, too weak to stand up. In all, there were at least 12 corpses lying on mattresses."
The plight of Gaza's 1.4 million strong population in the midst of heavy bombardment and aggressive clashes in the strip has grow steadily worse.
On Wednesday, Israel agreed to set aside a period of each day when fighting would stop to allow people to forage for food supplies, move the sick or prepare the dead for burial. But even then many Gazans are too afraid or unable to move outside their homes or shelters.
For a second day running Israel had ordered a lull in fighting for humanitarian deliveries but shipments through the Erez and the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing were suspended after the two drivers were killed.
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said it would not organise further deliveries while Israeli forces threatened the life of its contracted workers. The trucking company involved in the incident also said it was too dangerous to participate in the deliveries.
Richard Miron, a UN spokesman, said that the convoy was clearly displaying UN flags and livery. The Israeli army had been notified of the route of the convoy beforehand.
"Three hour lulls are not sufficient and become impossible if the environment even then is not safe," he said. "All convoys will remain suspended until Israel can give us assurances that the orders are not academic."
The death toll from Israel's war on Hamas rose to 763 after dozens of bodies were retrieved, according to Hamas-nominated Palestinian officials.
About 20 people, among them many women and children, were killed in new raids by the Israeli military, said Mouawiya Hassanein, head of Gaza's emergency services. Other bodies were pulled from the debris.

Guess What? Lots Of Oil, Natural Gas in Gaza!

A Secret Behind Israel's Siege of Gaza: Palestinians
Have Oil and Natural Gas Resources

Martha Rose Crow, M.S.

"there is an abundance of oil reserves both on the strip and offshore"

"The Palestinians are, in aggregate, energy rich. For the past six years, the Palestinian Authority has been sitting on a major gas field that contains at least 1.4 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of gas."

"Palestine was rewarded with an oil reserve 22 miles off of the coast of the Gaza Strip. The entire country was excited by this natural mineral that would hopefully provide them with the economic freedom and financial stability they desired. Unfortunately, the financial success did not come directly on the heels of their discovery"

To find the real reasons behind conflicts and wars in this world, you need to follow some or all of four things: Money, blood, power or natural resources (usually oil or natural gas but it can be cobalt like in the Congo).

Oil is behind the conflicts in Darfur, Somalia and other similar places.

The war in Afghanistan was never about finding bin Laden. It was about uniting Afghanistan into a single government so a pipeline could be constructed to bring a million barrels a day from areas north of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia to markets (

We need to stop listening to what the "official" media tells us when it comes to conflicts and wars because the official media is corporate and government owned and/or controlled by government. Less than one percent of the "news" in the world today is reported and what is reported is usually heavily edited and slanted for propaganda purposes.

Governments don't want the world to know that huge genocides are going on just because of oil, gas or other natural resources. The world might get angry as a body and might organize to reject the genocides. Big Oil and Energy doesn't want that to happen because it will interfere with their profits.

Historically, it has been "efficient" for Big Energy's short-term profit line to steal resources or get them "lower than wholesale" than to pay the owners decently for them. This is how they've always done business (force by boot and gun).

The World has been watching Israel's genocide of the Palestinians for a long time but incredibly, the media never mentions the Palestinians' natural resources or the fact that Israel has thwarted Palestine's efforts to develop them.

The Palestinians are usually portrayed on television as victims of impossible, cyclical poverty. Ironic the Palestinians wouldn't have to live in poverty if Israel would let them develop their natural resources.

But developing Palestine's energy resources wouldn't be in Israel's self-interest. The oil and gas revenues would empower the Palestinians. They wouldn't have to starve to death or struggle in poverty. Empowered Palestinians would be able to invest in infrastructure of their legal government, Hamas.

Israel wants the Palestinians crushed and disappeared so Israel can expand its territories for its citizens, have better access to the sea for its navy and serve as watchdog for US and Israeli hegemony.

Israel wants the Palestinians' oil and gas for its own because Israel needs it for its country's needs. Middle eastern countries are loathe to sell their supplies to Israel. The rulers and people of area countries know that Israel has been slaughtering their Muslim kin for over six decades and it is against their morals to help Israel with energy supplies, especially fuel for Israeli tanks, airplanes and military vehicles.

To thwart Palestine from developing its energy supplies, Israel keeps the region in turmoil plus in 2005, "Israel delivered a major blow to the Palestinians' fledgling oil industry by choosing to import natural gas from Egypt. By doing this, Israel completely bypassed its neighbor in favor of making a political statement. The Israeli government feared that any money given to Palestine would be later used to fund acts of terrorism against

Finding information about Palestine's oil and gas resources is difficult. Even wikipedia doesn't mention it nor do most encyclopedias and other academic resources.

The major corporate media has completely ignored and/or has remained blissfully ignorant about Palestinian oil and gas because it goes against the script of how powerful hidden western corporate and government interests want to portray Palestine.

Western media, Israel and the US would rather have the world see Palestinians groveling in extreme poverty and/or portrayed as "terrorists" who want to kill everyone.

Palestinians, empowered from oil and gas revenues, could live decently. Shed of their impoverished image, the world would see them as the Bright, Shining Human Beings they are. But Bright, Shining Human Beings are harder to disappear than those depicted by governments and the media as untermenschen (nazi German term for "inferior people").

If you want to know more about this important subject, the best places to look are oil and energy websites and publications.

Palestinian oil and gas is no secret in the energy field. It's just a secret to everyone else.

Holocaust Lies and Disinformation Exposed!

Letter to 'The Nation'
1 October 1962

Dear Editor:

I would like to make a few comments about the book review by Ernest Zaugg (The Nation, 14 July 1962) dealing with my three books about the German concentration camps, the responsibility for World War II and the Eichmann trial (The Lie of Ulysses, Ulysses Betrayed by his Fellows, and The Real Eichmann Trial).

Until Eichmann's arrest it was a sacred dogma of journalists to believe there were orders to exterminate the Jews issued by the top Nazis of the Third Reich. Nobody has ever produced such an order, but this has not prevented the theory that such orders were given from being stubbornly maintained. Then came the Eichmann trial. It was deemed necessary to prove that he was responsible for the exterminatons and had acted without orders. Hence, finally, the lack of evidence of such orders from the top Nazis was admitted. Dr. Kubovy, Directer of the Tel Aviv Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation, wrote (La Terre Retrouvée, 15 December 1960):

No document signed by Hitler, Himmler or Heydrich exists which speaks of the extermination of the Jews. The word "Extermination" does not appear in Göring's letter to Heydrich about the final solution of the Jewish problem.

This is what I have been saying since 1948. It disposes of the theory of "deliberate genocide" in which Mr. Zaugg seems to believe.

Methods of Genocide
The official thesis is that 6 million Jews were exterminated, without orders naturally, as is now admitted. To exterminate such a number an extraordinary method was needed-to wit, gas chambers.

In this matter European public opinion has changed greatly since the first Nuremberg trials (1945-6). After a lecture tour I made in Germany covering a dozen cities, the Institute for Contemporary History (Institut für Zeitgeschichte) of Muenchen, a democratic institute, of course, was obliged on 19 August 1962 to state officially that "there were no gas chambers in any of the concentration camps in the territory called by the Nazis 'Greater Germany,' "none in Dachau, none in Bergen Belsen, Mauthausen, Ravensbrück, etc. One concludes that the witnesses in the 13 Nuremberg trials and in the Eichmann trial who stated under oath that there were gas chambers in these camps were no more than vulgar false witnesses.

Mr. Zaugg accuses me of whitewashing the Nazis and giving aid and comfort to the neo-Nazis. My answer to this charge is that the best way to give aid and comfort to the neo-Nazis, if such there be, is to accuse the Germans of crimes which were never committed. It is astonishing that after 17 years of false accusations more damage has not been done in this respect.

The question of the Auschwitz gas chambers has not been fully cleared up. They are the only ones which are still a problem. Thanks, in part, to my research we know the following:

a) On 8 April 1942 the economic section of the RSHA (Reichssicherheitshauptamt) ordered from Topf and Sons, Erfurt, crematoriums (not gas chambers) equipped with showers (Badeanstalten) and morgues (Leichenkeller). These showerbaths and morgues have been presented to the world as gas chambers. The official version is that these gas chambers were destroyed by the Germans on 17 October 1944 and rebuilt by the Russians after the war-just as the "gas chambers" of Dachau were built after the war by the Americans. Now scholars are wondering whether the Russian-built gas chambers of Auschwitz are not perhaps "Potemkin villages," as are those built by the Americans in Dachau.

b) All witnesses at Nuremberg were agreed that these installations at Auschwitz which became "gas chambers" were constructed "in the heart of winter 1942-3," which means at the earliest the end of January or the beginning of February.

c) If these installations were gas chambers, they were at least not used as such "from autumn 1943 to May 1944" (Kastner Report, which, when printed by Kindler in Germany, was edited to suppress this passage). The only question that now remains is whether they were used as gas chambers from February until autumn, 1943, and after May, 1944.

We hope this will be cleared up in the trial of Richard Baer, camp commander at Auschwitz from 10 November 1943 to 25 January 1944. It is very doubtful that the gas chambers were used in the Baer period, which is perhaps the reason that since his arrest in October, 1960, his trial has been postponed five times. He was to be tried last November, but now the trial has again been postponed until spring! When and if this trial takes place the matter of the Auschwitz "gas chambers" will, we hope, be definitely cleared up.

There are only eleven doubtful months in which perhaps people were gassed in Auschwitz. How many people could have been gassed in these eleven months, if any were gassed?

The Six Million
It has been accepted as gospel truth that the Nazis murdered six million Jews. First question: where did they find these six million Jews, since the prewar Jewish statistics (Arthur Ruppin) prove without doubt that in the territories occupied by Hitler there never were six million Jews.

Furthermore, a booklet published July, 1961, by the Institute for Jewish Affairs of the World Jewish Congress, page 18, states that 900,000 of the six million "perished" in Auschwitz. Second question: where did the other 5.1 million "perish"? Not in the gas chambers of "Greater Germany," since the official Institute for Contemporary History of Muenchen has stated that they never existed.

Perhaps at Chelmno, Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor or Treblinka, all situated in Poland? The only document which speaks of gas chambers in these camps is the Gerstein document. It states there were "gas chambers of 25 square meters in which 750 to 800 persons were exterminated at one time." Gerstein, however, according to the official version, hanged himself in his prison in Paris on 4 July 1945. The document he allegedly wrote was so obviously phony that it was rejected as evidence at Nuremberg on 30 January 1946, and not permitted to be read before the court.

Jewish statistics of the prewar period, compared with those of after the war, show that the number of Jews who died during the war in the camps or elsewhere was about 1 million, a large enough figure. To explain it, it is not necessary to resort either to "deliberate genocide" or to "gas chambers," since anyone who has experienced the concentration camps knows that conditions there were bad enough to account for a large number of deaths. Many were killed in the guerrilla warfare on the Eastern front and in the saturation bombings.

Everything else which Mr. Zaugg says against my books shows that his imagination is without limits and that he has great talents, not for historical investigations, but for "Wild West" tales. This is a general weakness of American journalists. They do not realize that public opinion in Europe has evolved since 1945 as more and more light has been cast on wartime events. Most of the exaggerations about the concentration camps, the neo-Nazis and the revival of German militarism are fabrications invented by the manipulators of Bolshevism to isolate Germany from its neighbors and prevent the birth of the great nation, Europe.

By believing these legends the American press played the game of the Reds and helped lead the Slavs to the gates of Hamburg -- the Slavs whom Charlemagne threw back to the banks of the Vistula 1,100 years ago. Do these irresponsible publicists want the Cossack horses drinking from the Rhine and the Russian tanks parading in the Sahara? If so, they have but to continue to support the "historical verities" of the Communists.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Paul Rassinier
Professor Emeritus

Evil Dirty Yids have to be Punished!

Massacre of a family seeking sanctuary

The Samounis claim they were guided to a safe haven by Israeli troops – only to be cut down by shells

By Donald Macintyre and Said Ghazali in Jerusalem and Fares Akram in Gaza
Saturday, 10 January 2009

Grieving Palestinians bear to the cemetery the bodies of children they say were killed by an Israeli strike

Bitterly cold, famished, and thirsty they may have been. But the dozens of men, women, children and elderly of the extended Samouni family, sheltering in the unfinished warehouse-like building owned by one of their relatives, at least felt relatively secure.

Some explain that Israeli troops had explicitly told them to remain in the building – in several cases after actually escorting them there. They were relieved to wake to find the neighbourhood quiet for the first time since the ground offensive had began 36 hours earlier. So much so, according to one of them, that some time after 6am, four of the men decided to set out and bring an uncle and his family to their refuge.

It was then, survivors say, that the greatest of all the horrors visited on the Zeitoun district of eastern Gaza City occurred. A shell hit the little group, killing 27-year-old Muhammad instantly, and injuring the other three still lingering at the door.

According to 19-year-old Maysaa, a second shell or missile fell on the building's roof with such force that she would in hindsight assume it came from an Israeli F-16. At the time she lay down with her nine-month-old daughter Jumana under her, listening to the screams of those around her, as the structure filled with smoke and dust. When the smoke began to clear, she looked around and saw what she says were between 20 and 30 bodies, and 20 wounded. The dead included her own husband Tawfiq, her father-in-law Rashed, who "was hit in the head and whose brain was on the floor", and a five-month-old baby "whose whole brain was outside his body".

With foreign journalists barred by Israel from entering Gaza, it is not easy to reconstruct every detail of what happened with any certainty. But Maysaa's account to the Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem is broadly and quite separately corroborated by other family members, including a religious studies teacher, Ahmad al-Samouni.

The 23-year-old told The Independent: "One shell hit the door, killing my cousin Muhammad immediately. One shell, I believe it was from an Apache, hit the ceiling. Then another shell and another." Ahmad could only recognise his dead mother Rahmeh, 45, from her clothes and earrings because "part of her head was gone".

Ahmad says they counted 25 bodies – 10 adults and the rest children. One of the infants was the five-year-old daughter of his cousin Salah. "Her last words were 'Baba, Baba' and she died," he said. "She was hit in the head."

The teacher rallied survivors, urging them to leave but not everyone could make it. "We were about 50, some of us wounded," he said. "My grandmother Shifa was too sick, we left her." As Ahmad walked to the main road, where they hoped to find cars to take them to the hospital, he tore a piece off his white T-shirt and attached it to a stick as a white flag. Some female members of the Samouni family describe being shot at as they escaped while holding white flags.

Maysaa says she escaped with her daughter and brother-in-law, Musa, to the house of an uncle. There she found at least 40 Israeli soldiers and about 30 Palestinians, including a handful that were blindfolded. The soldiers administered first aid to Maysaa and her daughter before releasing them, but, she testifies, said they would keep Musa and his uncle "in case Hamas came". She adds: "I understood that they intended to use them as human shields."

The Israeli military denies targeting any buildings in the Zeitoun area on Monday and says it never forcibly gathers civilians in a specific building. It is continuing to investigate the incident.

Interviewed at Al Quds hospital yesterday, Ibteffam Al-Samouni said soldiers had "fired missiles" in the neighbourhood on Sunday and broke into five houses inhabited by Samouni family members and told the residents to leave. They had then walked to the warehouse belonging to their relatives. She added: "The soldiers told us: 'Stay there and shut the door, habbibi [my love]."

"We are civilians, we are farmers, we don't take part in any kind of resistance," said the 30-year-old woman.

After the shelling on Monday, she tried to escape. But, she says, there was shooting from Israeli forces as they walked from the building despite the fact that members of the group were waving white flags and shouting in Hebrew: "Kattan, Kattan [We have kids]." One of the men, Iyad, was shot in the leg by soldiers. "They ordered us to keep moving and not take the wounded man," she recalls. It was not until three days later that his body was recovered and brought to the hospital.

Ahmad is strongly critical of Hamas for keeping its leaders in hiding while civilians suffer from Israel's "brutal arsenal of weapons". Wael al-Samouni, the owner of the warehouse that was to become a tomb for his family members, insisted that Palestinians would remain steadfast but added: "I appeal to the world for help. This is a tragedy."

Zeitoun: Site of a slaughter

*Survivors of an Israeli attack in Zeitoun say that up to 30 people were killed in a building where dozens of men, women and children sheltered from the Gaza offensive on 5 January. The Israeli army denies that the families were told by the Israelis to head for the building on the day before the strikes, and that shells targeted the area the next day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Truth Will Out!

Israeli propaganda takes international beating

Despite Israel’s propaganda campaigns on Gaza conflict, world public opinion remains critical of Tel Aviv.

TEL AVIV - Israel has taken a battering in the global media battle over its war on Gaza, despite deploying a propaganda campaign that used Youtube and blogs, experts said.

Populations and even governments worldwide have slammed the Israeli military onslaught on the Gaza Strip, with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemning attacks near UN schools that killed dozens and foreign media angry at being kept out of the Palestinian territory.

With images of parents carrying lifeless children to overwhelmed hospitals dominating international media, angry protests have been staged in major capitals and Israeli websites have reportedly come under cyber attack.

European Union External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner told President Shimon Peres in a meeting on Tuesday that "Israel's image is being destroyed" by its refusal to heed appeals for a ceasefire.

Hamas has been largely shunned by western media, but its plight – as the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank and even in East Jerusalem – is recognized by much of the world. .

Israel has sought to blame Hamas for its attacks on Gaza, ignoring the fact that Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinians and that the people in Gaza know very well that Israel is the party behind their suffering.

But that fact is not commonly known in the West, where Israeli propaganda enjoys a large influence.

Israeli military spokeswoman Major Avital Liebovich and Israeli ambassadors have joined the television battle.

The defence ministry in Tel Aviv has posted videos of Israeli air strikes on Youtube, and the government has also tried to spur debates on Facebook.

But both sites are also a favorite of peace and humanitarian activists condemning Israeli policies long before Israel’s new offensive.

The Israeli consulate in New York this week organised a Twitter social networking debate on the merits of the war which drew more than 2,500 bloggers.

But blogs are the last place Israeli propaganda is expected to prevail, where they have long been used as a platform to expose Israeli ‘crimes’.

Israel says it will not let world public opinion sway the decision whether to call a ceasefire in the conflict that has left more than 680 Palestinians dead since December 27 -- a third of them children.

According to the president's office, Peres replied to Ferrero-Waldner: "We are not in the business of public relations or improving our image."

But experts say Peres tells a lie as Israel is doing all it can to present its war on the besieged Palestinian population in Gaza as an act of “self defense”.

Israel last year had hired a British public relations firm that had worked with Lebanon and the Northern Ireland governments on their image, experts say.

The Israelis "are the ones who have a grip on communications," said Dominique Wolton, a specialist on media at France's National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris.

"But Israel will not win the communications battle because whatever Israel's legitimate rights are, the unbalanced use of force and the unleashing of violence by Israel is acting against it.

"The Palestinians are not saying a lot. Israel has a grip on the communications and Israel manages its very well," Wolton commented. "The word 'terrorist' is systematically linked to Palestinians."

Charles Tripp, professor of Middle East politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, said that in Europe, "the very powerful images of what's happening to civilians in Gaza must be having a greater impact than seeing Israeli spokesmen talking about the war on terror.

"In many ways, one of the main targets of the Israeli propaganda is Europe and the US, and I would have thought they're not doing too well there."

Meanwhile, two press rights groups Wednesday urged a media corridor in Gaza and called for Israel to allow journalists to work unfettered in the conflict zone.

Israel had blocked international journalists from entering Gaza. Israel had also bombed a Hamas-run TV station during its second day of raids against Gaza.

Ethnic Cleansing, pure and simple!

Don't Call It Gaza, It Is Palestine
By Hesham Tillawi, PhD

The ultimate Israeli objective in Southern Palestine is to create a neutralized "Gazan" regime that is geographically and politically separate from the regime in the West Bank. It has always been part of Israel's strategy to split the Palestinian people into West Bankers and Gazans. Since the starting of the First Intifada in 1987 Israel looked for ways to split the cohesiveness of the Palestinian people. I doubt if at that time their intention was to create two geographically and politically separate groups of Palestinians, but it looks like Israel is about to harvest the fruits of many years of planting and replanting.

It was ironic that Israel and the United States would force the Palestinians with an ultimatum to hold elections at a time when the Palestinians did not even have a State, but yet ignored all the Arab States' state of democracy. The election I am talking about is the one giving Hamas a majority of seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council, a product of the Oslo Agreement that Hamas opposed and yet to recognize. The United States and Israel ignored this fact at the time--why? Why didn't they ask Hamas to sign the Oslo Agreement if it wants to enter the election which was based on the Oslo Agreement?

Incidentally, I remember Western Media as well as Arab Media talking about the two million dollars that the US was sending FATAH, the party of Mahmuod Abbas to use for campaigning at the same time that Hamas was getting millions of dollars from states that were friendly with Israel and others which were not, such as Iran. This fact was ignored by the media. On the contrary even Western Media was talking about the positive aspects of Hamas social programs, meaning schools and hospitals while at the same time "exposing" the "corruption" of FATAH " fat cats". Why?

America and Israel were aware of Hamas' challenge to FATAH and did nothing to stop it. The Palestinians did not need to have an election at that time. If Israel and the US were so concerned about the Palestinian people they would have worked for the establishment of a Palestinian State and made sure that a friendly regime was in place. The ironic thing that the U.S. and Israel did was to "help" Hamas get into a power position and immediately they opposed it. They opposed a situation that they helped create. Why?

Hamas won the election on January 25, 2006, but in 2005 an Israeli General who warned that Hamas was arming the public to overthrow Fatah was reprimanded. Why would Hamas be allowed to arm itself and enter an election? Why?

On June 14 Hamas took over the control of Gaza after overthrowing Fatah leadership and security apparatus as Israel stood on the side line and watched as one of its main objectives was finally coming into reality, two separate Palestinian entities opposed to each other creating two regimes to mirror the two spectrums of the Arab regimes in the area. Israel could have stopped Hamas take over with one F-16 sortie or even an Apache, but chose not to. Why? With Hamas take over the Palestinians finally came around to exactly where Israel wanted them to be. Geographically, politically, socially, and otherwise different from their brethren in to the north.

Today, we see Western Media, Arab Media, Palestinian Media, World governments and their people including Arab Governments and their people calling it nothing but "Gaza" and the Palestinians there as "Gazans". "FREE GAZA" we now say, not "free Palestine". That is exactly what Israel wants, for the world to start calling that Palestinian territory, Gaza. Palestine is in Ramallah, Gaza is in Gaza. There are Palestinians, and there are Gazans, just like there are Iraqis and Kuwaitis, Syrians and Lebanese, Egyptians and Sudanese, etc etc... It looks like Strategy For Israel In the Nineteen Eighties also known as The Zionist Plan for The Middle East is finally reaching the Palestinians after visiting Iraq and Sudan.

Israel did not "get" Hamas all the way here to destroy it, no, but it wants to disarm it. just as the U.S did with Saddam and his scuds, Israel want all Hamas heavy guns destroyed for now, until the time comes when Hamas is no longer needed just like Saddam. In my opinion it is not in Israel's favor to eliminate Hamas at this time, on the contrary, it is in its favor to allow Hamas to become a stronger political organization equally accepted in the Arab world as well as in the World just as another regime in the Middle East, like the Hashemites in Jordan, Ba'ath in Syria, Fatah in Ramallah. Its not Hamas rockets that Israel is after, but rather the wholesale liquidation of the Palestinian problem.

Does it have to happen like that? Of course not but it seems that all parties involved ,with no exceptions, find themselves in a position without any other alternatives but to continue with this separation. The ball is in the people's court now. Maybe that is why Israel is targeting the people.

Won't be long now before the Media Muppets in Australia conjure up a reason to stop covering the murder in Palestine, Peace? Cease-fire? Whatever!

Despite The Massacre, Israel Is Failing
What Kind of Security Will This Barbarism Bring Israel?
By Saree Makdisi

Israel has killed and wounded almost four thousand men, women and children so far in its assault on Gaza; it has entombed whole families together in the ruins of their homes. As I write these words, news is breaking that Israeli bombs have killed at least 40 civilians huddling in a UN school which they mistakenly thought would be safer than the homes from which Israel's relentless barrage-and its deliberately terrorizing "warning" leaflets and prerecorded phone calls-had already driven them. (I still have one of the leaflets the Israelis dropped on besieged Beirut in 1982 and the language is exactly the same-"flee, flee for your lives!"). Mosques, schools, houses, apartment buildings, have all been brought down on the heads of those inside.

All this death and destruction comes supposedly in retaliation for rocket attacks that had not inflicted a single fatality inside Israel in over a year. What happened to "an eye for an eye?"

As horrific as the toll of dead and injured already is, the scale of Israel's bombing, and its targeting of ambulances and medical and rescue crews-several doctors and paramedics have been killed or wounded so far-means that the true totals are actually unknown. Countless numbers of victims have bled to death in the streets or in the ruins of their smashed homes. Calls for help aren't getting through Gaza's phone networks, battered to pieces along with the rest of the civilian infrastructure-its water, sewage, electricity systems, all already crumbling as a result of the years of siege. The victims that are evacuated-as often, these days, in civilian cars as in the remaining ambulances-make it to hospitals that are overwhelmed; many will die that might have otherwise been saved.

Any hospital would be overwhelmed under the circumstances: how then for a hospital that has already been cut off by the three year old Israeli blockade of Gaza from urgently needed supplies, medicines, drugs, anesthetics, spare parts, fuel for generators? In fact, the true story of what Israel is doing to the people of Gaza is to be seen in the besieged territory's hospitals: the smashed, burned, dusty bodies of children being carried in on makeshift blankets (there aren't enough stretchers to go around); the morgue drawers full of bodies; the emergency rooms with badly hurt, crying people scattered on stretchers, on beds, on the blood-washed floors, as the doctors run from one to another trying to figure out who can be saved and who must be attended to first-the boy with his feet blown off? the old woman with the huge gash in her head? the young man with his guts hanging out of his stomach? the anguished little girl thrashing about in pain, in fear, in agony and begging for her mother who vanished in some monstrous explosion? And outside, on the crowded sidewalks, the other side of the human suffering that Israel has chosen to inflict on an entire population: the wailing mothers, fathers and children; the weeping young men; the panicked people rushing around trying to find loved ones after each new Israeli bombing.

All this to make Israelis feel secure? What security is this kind of barbarism ever likely to gain them?

These are the scenes that every Palestinian and every Arab around the world sees every single day on the uncensored, unedited, unfiltered and relentlessly, brutally honest coverage broadcast on the Arabic Al-Jazeera channel. Unlike the US and UK networks, Al-Jazeera has correspondents and camera crews all over Gaza; they are Arabs, some of them are Palestinians, and they all live among the people whose suffering they record for the whole world to see; they can communicate with them in their own language and in the language of the audience as well. The coverage continues continuously 24 hours a day.

Ordinary people around the rest of the world are seeing the version of events that gets filtered through the editing suites, the cutting rooms, the editorializing of foreign media, and that, in the case of the US, finally makes it to their living room largely (if not entirely) sanitized, and packaged to them in two-minute sound bites by correspondents posted safely outside of Gaza and inside Israel. The coverage broadcast from Israel is heavily monitored, controlled and censored. The Israeli army found in 2006 that its panicked soldiers in Lebanon were using cell phones to call home for help; this time it made sure to inspect all of its soldiers to make sure that none takes a phone with him into Gaza. The army imposes a smothering control over the flow of information; nothing that is reported from or datelined Israel can be read at face value or taken for granted.

If you get your news from an American television network, no matter how horrible you think what's happening in Gaza is, the reality that you are not seeing is much, much, much worse. (Perhaps that's why the English-language Al-Jazeera channel, widely followed in the rest of the world, is unofficially banned here-not a single cable or satellite provider carries it).

And yet even with this imperfect coverage it must be said that people all over the world, including in the US, are protesting what they are seeing. Huge, million-person demonstrations have been held, from Melbourne to Jakarta, from Calcutta to Istanbul, and from Vienna to London, not to mention the huge popular protests in Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, Amman, across the length and breadth of the West Bank, and in some of the largest protests ever held in Palestinian communities inside Israel. Across the US, too, people have been protesting, holding vigils, writing letters to the editors of the newspapers demanding more balance to the warped coverage of the events that we see here, especially in papers like the New York Times. And the internet has been a major source of information for all those millions who have figured out that they will never learn what they need to learn from the New York Times or the Washington Post or ABC or CNN. Sites like Counterpunch, Electronic Intifada, Alternet, Truthdig, Huffington Post, Salon and many others besides have carried extraordinarily intelligent and detailed pieces by a range of commentators whose sense of what is happening far exceeds what is made available by professional journalists in the mainstream press-including many superb pieces by Jewish Americans who give the lie, once and for all, to the absurd notion that their community is solidly behind Israel's violence.

Indeed, it seems clear that the writing now being posted on alternative media outlets is also starting to outweigh the clumsy efforts still being churned out by America's army of paid and unpaid cheerleaders for Israel, who have forsaken what little remained of their own humanity and blinded themselves to suffering that ought to move any rational, caring, sentient human being to tears-the Dershowitzes and Foxmans, the Orens and Boots, the Krauthammers and Peretzes, the Bards and Goldfarbs, the cynical apparatchiks of CAMERA and AIPAC and the mindless busybodies and shuffling zombies of Stand With Us, the Israel Project and the Israel on Campus Coalition-who persist with their stubborn, craven defense of the indefensible. About these misanthropes there is much to be said, most of it too unpleasant to print, so I'll shift the burden here to those memorable closing lines of Wilfred Owen's war poem "Insensibility:"

But cursed are dullards whom no cannon stuns,
That they should be as stones.
Wretched are they, and mean
With paucity that never was simplicity.
By choice they made themselves immune
To pity and whatever mourns in man
Before the last sea and the hapless stars;
Whatever mourns when many leave these shores;
Whatever shares
The eternal reciprocity of tears."

As for Israel itself: once again it has revealed its true nature to the world. It was only after the first reports came in of their own serious fatalities-soldiers caught in an ambush, though the censored news reports from Israel claim that it was all friendly fire-that the Israeli media suddenly started carrying reports wondering whether things have gone too far. "The Price of Stubbornness over Gaza Exit is Dead Soldiers," write Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff in Ha'aretz. "For the first time, Israeli TV broadcasts raised the question of whether it was worthwhile for the operation to continue." Until this point, the Israeli media-and most of the country's liberal intelligentsia, never mind the militant right wing-had been moralistically defending the bombing, and sometimes actually cheering it on. Starting the attacks on a Saturday was a "stroke of brilliance," the Guardian's Seamus Milne quotes the country's biggest selling paper Yediot Aharonot as saying; "the element of surprise increased the number of people who were killed." The daily Ma'ariv agreed: "We left them in shock and awe." The rational and genuinely ethical voices of Amira Hass and Gideon Levy have never seemed more isolated.

The brute fact of the matter is that, as long as their air force is killing an entirely defenseless people, the Israeli public and media do cheer them on. As soon as they start paying any kind of price-no matter how grotesquely out of proportion to the level of damage their soldiers are inflicting on unarmed and innocent people-their bloodlust quickly cools. In Gaza, the Israeli infantry won't take a single step forward unless the ground in front of them-and everything and everyone in it, armed, unarmed, whoever and whatever they are-has been safely cleared away for them by the air or by artillery. "These are 'Georgia rules,' which are not so far from the methods Russia used in its conflict last summer," write Harel and Issacharoff in Ha'aretz. "The result is the killing of dozens of non-combatant Palestinians. The Gaza medical teams might not have reached all of them yet. When an Israeli force gets into an entanglement, as in Sajaiyeh last night [where three Israeli soldiers were killed], massive fire into built-up areas is initiated to cover the extraction. In other cases, a chain of explosions is initiated from a distance to set off Hamas booby-traps. It is a method that leaves a swath of destruction taking in entire streets, and does not distinguish military targets from the homes of civilians." I'm not sure where the "Georgia" reference comes from: the Israelis used the very same tactics in Jenin and Nablus in 2002, and in southern Lebanon in 2006 and 1982. And it would be an act of futility to point out-for the millionth time-that the Israeli method of warfare takes place in sweeping disregard for the principles of international humanitarian law, not to mention total contempt for innocent human life. This is not to mention that most of the casualties pouring into Gaza's morgues and hospitals are the victims of the sheer indiscriminate unleashing on densely populated civilian areas of high explosive ordnance from land, sea and air that has been characteristic of Israel's military style since at least the 1970s.

Israel's disregard for innocent human life is not motivated only by a desire to forestall the political consequences-especially during an electoral campaign-of Israeli military casualties. It is also a clear indicator of the contempt that Israel has for Palestinian life in general. The cold, hungry, tired, desperate, and terrified men, women and children that Israel is now sweeping away by the dozen in balls of fire and showers of shrapnel are the very same people that it had already reduced to what one UN official months ago warned was "a subhuman existence," the deliberate product of the siege that Israel has imposed on Gaza for over three years, beginning in 2005, before the election of Hamas. They are the same people whose political and human rights Israel has been stifling since the occupation of 1967-twenty years before the creation of Hamas. They are the same people who were ethnically cleansed from their land in 1948 because, as non-Jews, they were inconveniently cluttering up the land that European Zionists wanted to turn into a Jewish state, no matter what the land's actual population had to say about it.

Israel's disregard for Palestinian life in Gaza today is, in short, a direct extension of its disregard for Palestinian life since 1948, and what is happening in Gaza today is the continuation of what happened six decades ago. Eighty percent of the people crammed into Gaza's hovels and shanties are refugees or the descendants of refugees that armed Zionist gangs, which eventually coalesced into the infant Israeli army, terrorized from their homes elsewhere in southwestern Palestine in 1948. They have been herded, penned, and slaughtered by a remorseless power that clearly regards them as subhuman. If you think I'm stretching the point, I'm not. Listen to the words of Professor Arnon Sofer, the government consultant who did so much to help plan the isolation and imprisonment of Gaza, in a interview with the Jerusalem Post in 2004: "When 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it's going to be a human catastrophe," Sofer predicted. "Those people will become even bigger animals than they are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The pressure on the border is going to be awful. It's going to be a terrible war. So, if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day." Sofer admitted only one worry with all the killing, which will, he says, be the necessary outcome of a policy that he himself helped to invent. "The only thing that concerns me," he says, "is how to ensure that the boys and men who are going to have to do the killing will be able to return home to their families and be normal human beings."

Meticulously and clinically thought through even before the first rocket from Gaza claimed a life inside Israel, the slaughter in Gaza today has nothing to do with rockets or with Hamas. As Sofer himself explains, it is the purest and most distilled expression of Zionist ideology. "Unilateral separation doesn't guarantee 'peace,'" Sofer says in that same interview; "it guarantees a Zionist-Jewish state with an overwhelming majority of Jews."

And that-taken right from the horse's mouth-is what the slaughter of innocents in Gaza is fundamentally about: the people being killed today are the ones for whom there is no room in the Zionist vision of the state. They are regarded as an excess population. Not even Malthus thought that a redundant population should just be lined up and shot, or bombed into the ground. But, clearly, times have changed since 1798.

This inhuman madness will end only with the end of the violent ideology that spawned it-when those who are committed to the project of creating and maintaining a religiously and ethnically exclusivist state in what has always been a culturally and religiously heterogeneous land finally relent and accept the inevitable: that they have failed.

Saree Makdisi is a professor of English and comparative literature at UCLA and the author of Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now the UN is 'Anti-Semetic"! Yeah, whatever.

UN official says Gaza school was clearly marked
Claudia Parsons

UNITED NATIONS, Jan 6 2009 (Reuters) - A U.N. official in Gaza said a school where dozens of Palestinians were killed by tank shells on Tuesday was clearly marked with a U.N. flag and its location had been reported to Israeli authorities.John Ging, director of operations in Gaza for UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, said the death toll in the Israeli artillery strike near the school in Jabalya refugee camp was 30 dead with another 55 people injured.Medical officials on the spot have said more than 40 people were killed.Ging told reporters at U.N. headquarters by videolink from Gaza that three artillery shells landed at the perimeter of the school where 350 people were taking shelter.He said UNRWA regularly provided the Israeli army with exact geographical coordinates of its facilities and the school was in a built-up area. "Of course it was entirely inevitable if artillery shells landed in that area there would be a high number of casualties," he said.Casualty numbers were still being assessed but the latest figures were 30 dead and 55 injured, including at least five critically, Ging said.The Israeli military said it is looking into the incident at al-Fakhora school in Jabalya on the fourth day of a ground assault launched after a week of air strikes failed to end Hamas rocket salvos against Israeli towns.Asked whether Hamas militants were in the area of the Jabalya school at the time of the strike, Ging said it was the scene of clashes "so there's an intense military and militant activity in that area."He said U.N. staff vetted Palestinians seeking shelter at their facilities to make sure militants were not taking advantage of them. "So far we've not had violations by militants of our facilities," he said.Ging also said three Palestinians were killed in a separate Israeli air strike near another U.N. school in an area where there was no fighting at the time.On Tuesday morning a building next to a U.N. health center was hit by Israeli fire and 10 people were injured, including seven staff and three patients at the health center, he said.Another shell landed near a third U.N. school on Tuesday but it was empty, Ging said.He called for an independent investigation of the strikes near U.N. facilities. (Editing by Alan Elsner)

OK, go on then, Schwarz is 'Anti-Schlemetic' ??

The Gaza Slaughter Is Premeditated Genocide By Karl Schwarz 1-7-9

It is time to call a spade a spade. Israel is a nation of terrorists. The US has become a nation of terrorists.

For those readers who do not know what 'anti-Semitism' looks and smells like, they should pay close attention to the Israeli butchery in Gaza.

Since 9-11, and even before then through the auspices of US, UK, NATO sponsored terrorism in Operation Gladio, the US, UK and Israel have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world's preeminent terrorists are those three nations.

I see the constant brainwashing mantra of "terror" spewing out of the criminals in DC and from the MSM, knowing full well that my nation is, directly or indirectly, now the leading cause and support mechanism of global terrorism.

The slaughter of 1.5 million Iraqis was terrorism. The annihilation of 2-3 million Afghanis is terrorism. This latest Israeli massacre in Palestine with US weapons and support is terrorism.

Turn back the clock to August, 2008 and we have the US-Israel sponsored and condoned genocide of the citizens of South Ossetia. Mick 'The Tie Eater" Saakashvili has now admitted that Georgia attacked first and Russia responded in force.

Go back a little further to 2006, and there is the Israeli attack on Lebanon, fully-armed with American weapons. The US and Israel clearly think there is no accountability for butchery and human sacrifice.

This is an action-reaction universe and for any action there is and will always be an reaction in reverse. Especially, when the initial action is pure evil.

I have been watching this 'Hamas fires rockets at poor little Israel' vomit and there many grievous things wrong with Israel's whining and victimhood.

I have seen bigger and more deadly fireworks displays in the US and EU. These Hamas pipe bomb rockets are essentially toys to shout out the disgust Palestinians feel for their hostile, hateful neighbors in Zionist Israel.

News has now surfaced that this 'defensive attack' by Israel was in planning up to 18 months ago, just like the post 9-11 attack on Afghanistan. This is not self-defense; it is willful genocide of Palestinians. It is an unarguable fact that the Jews themselves refuse to make peace with the Palestinians they hold hostage in the world's largest outdoor prison.

The Israelis have intentionally, willfully turned the lives of the Palestinians into a living Hell...or death...for DECADES. Every basic human necessity is denied by the Zionist Jew jailers in Tel Aviv who demand that everything has to be the Zionist Jew way...and to Hell with fairness, equity or humanity. It is sheer elitist, evil Talmudism.

Never have I seen such a psychotic, racist, bigoted little state pretend that they have some moral high ground yet prove time and time again that they are nothing less than thugs, gangsters and killers. I have been watching closely for over 30 years and it is apparent to me that Israel does not want peace. Period. It wants the Palestinians to go away and DIE.

What is one Israeli life worth? Is it ten dead Palestinians, or 100 dead women, children and complete annihilation of families? One 'great' Israeli statesman said, and I paraphrase, "All the Arabs in the world aren't worth one Jewish fingernail."

The Viasat History channel ran a special over the holidays about how the 20th Century was the bloodiest in recorded history of mankind. One part of that special was particularly disgusting as the narrator and story producers attempted to completely re-write history as to what World War I and World War II were all about.

I about gagged when they addressed the post-World War II matter of Israel. This is a quote from that special: "Following the Holocaust in Europe many of the Biblical Jews longed to return to their home in Israel. After all had suffered so much from World War II no one had enough energy left to object to their wishes."

Folks, that is unadulterated total HORSESHIT. First, there was no "Israel" to return home to. It was Judea, remember? It was Palestine for about close to 2,000 years and the Jews and Arabs who lived there did so in peace. Most of them had never lived in 'Israel' and most of them did not return there as the great Exodus it was billed to be.

This is the same Holocaust crowd that does not want to openly discuss or research their claim of 6 million dead. No, they want the world to accept that as Gospel. Nor do they wish to discuss historical records that indicate that there were more Jews in Europe after World War II than preceding World War II, or that Zionist Jews financed the very Nazi Germany that supposedly sought to exterminate the Jews from Europe. They get very upset when someone brings up the fact that around 150,000 Jews served, often with great bravery and distinction, in the German military in World War II.

This is basically the same bunch that whips out the 'anti-Semite' label even though they are as far from being genuine Semitic people as are most of the people on the planet. The Khazar Zionist Jews are NOT SEMITIC, nor did they even come from that part of the world.

'Semite' is not a race, it is a language group that includes the original Jews of Judea, many of the Arabs of that immediate area and even some of the original Ethiopians.

Did you read that link? There are over 450 million Semitic language speaking people and the largest group is THE ARABS.

It therefore suggests that the most ANTI-SEMTIC people on the face of this planet are the white-skinned Khazar Zionist Jews and their White Cracker supremacists who control the UK and US governments.

It was not until the UN, the US, the UK, and the Zionist Rothschild family and their henchmen forced Israel upon the world that there was any problem whatsoever in that part of the world.

Most of these 'Biblical Jews' that longed for their homeland were not Jews by birth. They were from Khazaria which was in the Caspian Sea area far from Europe and far from Israel too. Since they had never lived in Israel it is sort of hard to long for a homeland that not only never existed, but that they never lived in...nor did any of their forefathers. They were not born of the 12 Tribes of Israel, they just decided to call themselves Jews about 740 AD, choosing that religion over Islam and Christianity.

These same Khazars then fled into Russia, Poland, Hungary and other areas to avoid meeting their doom when Genghis Khan shredded their Khazarian Empire. If you missed my past article 'Long Live the Khazaria Empire, Not!' it is posted on Rense at this link.

Many years ago, I heard that Zionist Jews do not like actress Kelly McGinnis. She has starred in some memorable movies such as Top Gun, Witness, etc. I was curious as to why but did not know until recently. Kelly, it seems, starred in a 1988 movie titled "The House on Carroll Street".

What the movie was about is how our US government snuck Nazis into the US and hid them behind the names of dead people, many of them Jews living in the US who had died of natural causes in the early 1950s.

The deceit from Washington, DC never ends.

I suspect part of the reason Israel refuses to permit the duly, legally elected Hamas government to rule is that it will not move

inland to the Palestinian Ghettos and let the greedy Jew real estate developers have that choice beach front Mediterranean property. And then there is the quiet story of the substantial amounts of oil and natural gas in and offshore of Gaza.

The former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had to resign in disgrace due to a real estate scam, bribery, and scandals involving his buddies. My shit detector says that Zionist Jews want the Gaza Strip and that prime Mediterranean beach property for more Zionist Israel settlements. And perhaps a Las Vegas style 'entertainment' and gambling, prostitution, drugs, money laundering mecca.

I bet Bernie Madoff has already purchased a nice flat there with a great ocean view. Current news says Bernie has already violated his parole by trying to hide jewelry and other assets from prosecutors. Now, finally, they are insisting that he be held without bond. Don't hold your breath.

This is, indeed, the latest in a long series of massacre/holocausts of Palestinian 'Semite' Arabs and Christian 'Semite' Arabs, etc, perpetrated, as always, by Zionist Khazar Jews who own and operate the House of Rothschild's 'shitty little country' (as top French Government official said a few years ago).

It is time for the good people of this world, this entire sorry planet, to stand up to the US, the UK and Zionist Israel and say 'NEVER AGAIN!'

Karl kwschwarz@chello.skKarl's Datapage Archive

Call these fuckers 'Anti-Semetic'!!!

Israel Planned Gaza Attacks While Negotiating Cease Fire 6 Months Ago

Israel’s leading journal, Harretz has reported how the Israeli government planned the current offensive against the Gaza strip over six months ago while in the process of negotiation the cease fire it now accuses the Hamas led government of breaking.
The paper quotes sources in the Israeli defense establishment as saying that Ehud Barak instructed the IDF to prepare for the attacks months ago in order to surprise Hamas and maximize casualties.
The attack remained a plan until a month ago when the IDF entered Gaza despite the cease fire and killed 6 Hamas members in an operation to shut down a tunnel they claimed would be used to kidnap soldiers provoking retaliatory rocket fire.