Sunday, February 1, 2009

Allah U Akbar

The cries of a hundred souls, discorporate through the shoving and the gesticulating, amid the din of crying, bemoaning mourners instantly wrenched down into an abyss of abject misery. Among broken bodies; childrens bodies and adult civilian bodies - here and there a uniform fills a knot of twisted pulped, smashed human flesh. Staggering and stumbling to their haunches the mourners are slowly overpopulated by Red Cresent and Hamas Medical teams (Given Hamas is a Democratically elected Military Government - the only elected Military government in the region, its Medical Teams are no less a Neutral entity than, say, a Soviet Union Medical team recovering wounded in the aftermath of the Battle on a European Battlefield). So, the wailing and crying increases to an imenses cacophany of high pitched yelling “Allah u Akbar”! “Allah u Akbar”! As the wounded regain their senses and their ‘feelings’, as the children regain their senses and realize the horror around them. Then.. WHAM!! BOOOM! The carnage is scattered with callous disregard. The horror freeze-frames,..the centre of this wrything scambling glorming screaming mire of blood and crushed flesh and bone, brains and arms and legs. Begins to shimmer, through the dust cloud that has settled upon this work of Shak Inar. The presence of Evil is palpable, this horrific mess is Hellish. The overwhelming emotive impact of this ghoulish mayhem is nauseating, it is terrible disrespect for a human beings dignity, to blast them to pieces with bombs. If you do this to women and children and civilians of any colour culture or creed, and respond to critiscizm with an attempt to justify this cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder, you are a psychopath! And so, with no regard for your status, Title or position, in any Government - you are guilty of an International Crime of Murder and should be arrested in the first instance upon sight by the Civilian Police Force of any Nation, anywhere at anytime. A Citizens Arrest is lawful where no warrant can be issued with reasonable haste.