Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gloves are Off

I set up this blog to give Australians an opportunity to 'have a say', 'have a go' etc. admittedly, I have been busy and have not paid much attention to it's development. Well, I'm going to spend more time on it now and I'm not going to pull any punches. After the outrage in Palestine that is being perpertrated by those horrible Zionist monsters. That's it, FUCK Israel it has no human right to exist it is a manifestation of satanic evil and when God's wrath begins it will be destroyed, utterly. If you believe the Zionist Jew owned and controlled Media you will be so shocked by the reality of what is actually happening and has happened you will be ashamed of your ignorance and gullibility. WAKE UP dumbies!!

Zionist thugs murdering more women and children

Scene 1: Deep inside the underground bunker the evil zionists leaders in Israel are wrapping their last-minute hannukah presents. Erhud Olmert looks up from the shiny ribbon and bows. "Hey, let's murder some women and children that'll fuck christmas for the Goyim"! " How we gonna pull that off?" asks Shin Bet Chief and sneak-thief Yuval Diskin, of the Israeli intelligence service. "We'll tell our World Media minions to bullshit the Goyim about non-existent rocket attacks!" splurts Ehud. "What, so, no rocket attacks?" " Well, we'll stage some mock attacks and get the Media minions to show some archive footage of old rocket attacks!" "The dopey Goyim will be so full of aspartame and flouride they won't even bother to question the obvious irregularities right before their own eyes". "Sweet, when do we start murdering women and children, I can't wait, I'm already getting a little stiffy just thinking about all the suffering and bloodshed (hee hee hee)!""Fuck me, now you stupid cunt, now!"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aussies didn't withdraw from Iraq!

Well then, why didn't I go to Iraq to 'cover' the withdrawal of Aussie Troops? Because there was not a withdrawal! No, that's right no withdrawal. Did anyone see a withdrawal on TV, hear about it on the radio, see it in the Newspapers? No? Maybe you saw heard or read about one particular Battalion coming home in July, what you may have heard is mention of the 'withdrawal' that this Battalion was a 'part' of the withdrawal. What you DID NOT SEE OR HEAR was an actual WITHDRAWAL. There was not a withdrawal and you will not see any Media coverage about it or anything related to it. Google it, see if you can find any evidence of the massive logistical undertaking that is required to bring all our materiel and Staff, both military and civilian back from Iraq.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Australian Troops To Withdraw From Iraq

It would be interesting to have a genuine report detailing the role the Aussie troops played in Iraq, outlining what they actually achieved, if anything. It is my intention to travel to Iraq to cover the withdrawal and canvas the local people for feedback. It is also my intention to look into the contoversy surrounding the death of Pte. Kovko.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ever needed to know more ? Ever seen something that looked suss and wondered how you check it out without getting the run around on the Web?

This blog has been created to provide a forum for the questions and the answers. Concerned about 'Global warming', 9/11, Iraq, East Timor, Q; Why the poverty if they have a massive Oil resource? Australian Wheat Board dealing with a tyrant while Aussie Soldiers die, who new it was happenning? Do you know what the term Illuminati describes? Do you know what the explosive material known as Thermite does? If you have a question or if you have an answer - send it in; let's create an alternative to the Barbie-doll Press and the Ken-doll Media - let's create something the rich Corporate Media Barons and thier New World Order Politicians can't control. Words, pictures, videos, send them in. Freedom isn't free, I know, I was a soldier, at best we have a leasehold agreement; someone at sometime has to pay the rent. Don't sit back and assume someone else will always pay your rent. Speak out now, it might be your last chance.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"

- George Orwell; 1984.