Monday, December 29, 2008

Zionist thugs murdering more women and children

Scene 1: Deep inside the underground bunker the evil zionists leaders in Israel are wrapping their last-minute hannukah presents. Erhud Olmert looks up from the shiny ribbon and bows. "Hey, let's murder some women and children that'll fuck christmas for the Goyim"! " How we gonna pull that off?" asks Shin Bet Chief and sneak-thief Yuval Diskin, of the Israeli intelligence service. "We'll tell our World Media minions to bullshit the Goyim about non-existent rocket attacks!" splurts Ehud. "What, so, no rocket attacks?" " Well, we'll stage some mock attacks and get the Media minions to show some archive footage of old rocket attacks!" "The dopey Goyim will be so full of aspartame and flouride they won't even bother to question the obvious irregularities right before their own eyes". "Sweet, when do we start murdering women and children, I can't wait, I'm already getting a little stiffy just thinking about all the suffering and bloodshed (hee hee hee)!""Fuck me, now you stupid cunt, now!"

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