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Propaganda and the future of profitable slaughter! ANZAC DAY in rothschalia.

Australia’s MSM: The Pied Piper’s of ANZAC DAY...

Today in rothschalia the PTB are leading the un-washed masses yet again, on another Pied Piper’s parade through the High Streets of our Cities and Towns, even the humblest villages will not be spared the shallow sentimentality and glossy-heartlessness of the instrument of mind-control – the mainstream media and their ANZAC Day brief to romanticise profitable slaughter for the banksters and re-affirm the commitment of the working-classes to unquestioning complicity in this made-for-profit scam referred to as the War on Terror...
From the dawn services through the gambling rituals of “Two-up” a street hawkers game of chance noted for its high odds in favour of the punter (the link will give the reader an idea of who is currently promoting this ‘cultural heritage’). This gambling game has been promoted as part and parcel of the Aussie Larrikins image of wholesome unwholesomeness. Yes, the Aussie Soldier or “Digger” is famous for his lack of respect for authority and his primal lusts for inebriation and debauchery. Of course the prowess of the “Digger” in Battle is an ungainly flip-side of the Propagandist’s coin, the unquestioning mentality of the herded animal to slaughter is never highlighted for its obvious contradiction to the Larrikin image of the Aussie “Digger”. The following  link is the closest I can find to not providing a contemporary bullshit explanation of the term “Digger”. As a curious child the explanations I received from actual “Diggers” was quite consistent: Due entirely to the bigotry of the British High Command who considered the Anzac contingent of Commonwealth levied infantry to be more a hindrance than of any genuine strategic or tactical benefit on the proposed Battlefield, these “undisciplined ruffians” were set to manual labour; that is, preparing entrenchments and various other essential earthworks and rear echelon ‘construction works’. Hence the derogatory term: Digger! None the less, through the link you will see all the bullshit romanticised interpretations of the term, buy them or leave them, it’s your choice. Remember complicity in the current scam and the inevitable subsequent profitable slaughters is essential for the financial success of the tribe of banksters, liars and thieves that orchestrate these bloodbaths...

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”
Gutle Schnaper - 1849 (wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.)

Selling the Lie...

How anyone with the capacity to reason can reconcile a body of men considered a near useless mutinous mob, by their own High Command (British aristocracy), with the contemporary Marketing of stalwart Soldiers of King and Country, the majority of whom were immigrants seeking an alternative to the repressive inequity of the Class-based privileged societies of Europe and the United Kingdom’s of Great Britain; is beyond my will-power to suppress credulity.

As a child I read many books about warfare ancient and modern, I was constantly intrigued with the romance of chivalry and derring-do; the exploits of those heroic men of action were the substance of my dreams, it was my personal fantasy to be a hero, to win medals for incredibly courageous acts of unselfish bravery, fighting stoically under withering enemy fire to save the lives of my comrades and destroy that murderous enemy machine-gun nest! Well, the reality of my real-life experiences of war were utterly disappointing, Front-line combat is extremely loud, terrifying and chaotic, rarely do opportunities to win medals present themself in the manner of childish dreams, and when they do, a momentary question of personal safety can steal the day from you in the flash of a muzzle. If one does have the opportunity to assess a situation for the possibility of performing some unselfish act, and then actually achieve that goal; the result is often a systematic response and not quite the stuff of hollywood, many times these rather banal acts are sold by the msm as being far more glamorous than they actually are.

General Smedley D. Butler

Al Qaeda, heroes of the Revolution...

Libya, for cryin’ out loud, who can possibly be conned by this bullshit? The rebels are the worst fighters on the planet, they are all seedy looking thugs without the basic resources of even the most impoverished rebel army, radios, they don’t have radios, they do however have jet-fighters and the materiel to shoot them down, yep, that’s right, that rebel jet-fighter that was shot down three weeks ago was shot down by rebels, aaahh BULLSHIT! These scumbags are the manufactured for television Al Qaeda cells imported from Afghanistan and Iraq where they were playing the role of paid opposition of the coalition by the usual tribe of murderers and child-molesters that currently occupy Palestine.

Libya was one of the most liveable countries in the Middle-east:
“Most workers are employed in the oil industry. It is the largest and most important part of the Libyan economy. Other people work in state-owned manufacturing. These companies produce machinery, appliances, cement and construction equipment, cigarettes, clothing, leather goods, textiles, shoes, fertilizers, and industrial chemicals. They also make processed foods such as olive oil, citrus fruits, tomato paste, tuna, and beverages.
Many farm workers moved to the cities during the 1960s and 1970s following the oil boom and industrial development. Agricultural workers now make up less than one-fifth of the work force. These workers grow citrus fruits, barley, wheat, millet, olives, almonds, dates, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and tobacco. Many farmers raise sheep, goats, cattle, camels, and poultry, and produce dairy products and honey. Fishermen operating out of Tripoli bring in tuna, sardines, and mullet.
There is a shortage of unskilled labourers. Because of this, many unskilled foreign workers from neighbouring countries live in the country. Libya also has hundreds of thousands of foreign technical workers, needed especially to advise on petroleum extraction and to design and construct irrigation systems.”

Impoverished countries that oppress their people DO NOT import un-skilled labourers! The oppressed peasants are forced to do the shit work, like in china; rich government poor people.

Under Gaddafi, Libyans had the highest actual income per capita in Africa, and the lowest infant mortality rate. They had free university education, free healthcare including medicines, a $76,000 wedding gift, a home at 10% of yearly salary, unlimited research grants, gasoline at 44 cents a gallon, subsidized car purchases, 300,000 homes built for the poor, and land ownership for all Libyans. And from Pravda.

“Before World War II (1939–45), few schools existed in Libya. Less than 10 percent of the population could read or write. After the discovery of oil in 1959, Libya invested in new schools, vocational training centers, and universities.
Libya now uses a Western-style education system that includes six years of primary school, three years of preparatory school, and three years of secondary school. Schooling is required for both boys and girls until the age of fifteen. After completion of secondary school, Libyans may attend either vocational schools or universities.
Libya's first university was established in 1955 in Benghazi. This was followed by universities in Tripoli, Mersa Brega, and Sabha. All schooling, including that at the university level, is free. This includes books, school supplies, uniforms, and meals. Today, about 90 percent of Libyans are literate.”

These pictures are seriously at odds with the pictures being presented by the msm shills; none of this information is broadcast or published by the msm shills for hire, I wonder why?

On this day of remembrance, what should be remembered is this, the tribe of greedy murderers that currently hold all the world’s politicians and lawmakers cuckold in their web of evil, cause all the wars, all the suffering and all the enmity between nations and cultures. It is their way, it is what they are, evil miscreants bent on global tyranny, the thought of these monsters taking complete control of this world is unconscionable.
I have the utmost respect for those who have served, I respect their choice to participate for their own reasons in this ceremony; however, I reserve the right to question my governments allegiances and their choice of action concerning other sovereign nations of this world and their right to self-determination: We have a right to defend ourselves and absolutely no right to choose the government of other nations. We have a responsibility to help our neighbours against tyranny and genocide, however our corrupt governments are so utterly dominated by the evil tribe of yiddish khazars that those people in genuine need of our support, are ignored; I cite Palestine as an unquestionable example of the complicity with crimes against humanity in which our government is involved.

Love light & peace – through genuine open debate and resolute action by determined people committed to the concept of love light & peace for all that deserve it.

No compassion – no love.
No illumination – no light.
No justice – no peace.

Free Palestine!

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