Thursday, January 1, 2009

Aussie Muppet Media still equating Stone throwing Teens with F-16s - as they report calls for a ceasfire by both sides.

FUCK ME! Get a grip, not one of you have uttered a syllable about the lack of evidence, for the latest slaughter of women and children. What is the pathology of the Mujihadeen when they are bombing someone or something? You've all seen it, while Homo Americana Redneckus has been get'n his arse kicked by Mullahs with AKs for the last five years! They record it on video with all their chanting and islamic music and then "Allah u Akbar" BOOM! Then it goes out on the Net! No rocket videos no Muj screaming "AluA" = NO BOOM! Fuck archival footage, fuck The Ministry of Yids and their propaganda, fuck God's chosen shit - NO EVIDENCE no justification, as if killing children can be justified - Media celebrities of Australia: KISS THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE OF MY ARSE! Cowards and frauds all of you! And as for that Bald Bean Counter Koschi and Madame Mogadon, the blonde bump on a log. It's Official: Morning television is the 'Opium of the Missus'. Here's a new excuse for a UN "International Day Of.." How about the international day of the celebrity Media taking a day off Arts & Media Masturbation and be a fucking real Journalist for 24hours! A whole 24 hours of abstinence from kow-towing shit drivelling nonsense? Yeah, betcha Boss'll go for that one!

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