Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still touting the same ol' shyte!

It won't be long before one of the Media Muppets will suddenly blurt out their own tightly hewn thoughts, you can see it coming everday; they cringe a little more, they question (ever so precariously) a little more. One day soon one of these Muppets will scream " I can't take it any more"! THESE FUCK"N YIDS ARE KILL"N KIDS AND I WON"T TAKE IT ANYMORE. FREE PALESTINE! IT'S THEIR FUCK'N LAND ANYWAY! Or they'll just implode with drugs and booze and be the subject of some random slobs' Phone-Cam and appear on You Tube as a deliquent 'Celebrity Caught On Camera'. It'll be a sensational A-side for a day, then they will fade to insignificance before anyone has the chance to ask " Why is Magda Jewbanski, been the subject of a 'Poor fat women Piece' on 'A Current Affair'? At exactly the same time that 'Jenny Craig Weightloss Program' begins their Magda Jewbanski Advertising Campaign - EXPLOI-FUCKING-TATION! That fraud has made her fortune portraying a fat ferral chick for fucking years! It's her Stock-in-Trade - Fuck you Magda, exploiting over-weight Australian women for your own financial benefit! Can't Act; can't sing, can't dance - Type-cast fat ferral exploitation!

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